Freight Broker Bond

BMC-84 Bonds for Freight Brokers: Your Trustworthy Shield

Welcome to Artisan Insurance Inc., your dedicated partner in logistics insurance. Explore how our BMC-84 Bonds, also known as Freight Broker Bonds, secure your business and ensure regulatory compliance.

What Are BMC-84 Bonds?

BMC-84 Bonds, or Freight Broker Bonds, are crucial financial guarantees. They ensure compliance with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulations, assuring brokers meet their financial obligations to carriers.

Why Are BMC-84 Bonds Essential?

2.1 Regulatory Compliance:

  • Mandatory for a freight broker license, these bonds enforce ethical and legal operations.
  • Compliance is a legal necessity to conduct freight brokerage business.

2.2 Financial Security:

  • BMC-84 Bonds protect shippers and carriers financially.
  • They provide recourse if brokers fail to meet financial obligations.
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What is 7+4?

Artisan Insurance Inc. guarantees the value of your BMC-84 Bond. Contact us for safety, compliance, and financial security, empowering your success in the logistics industry. Trust us to protect your interests, ensuring a smooth journey in this dynamic field.